Lagoon 450 in Mallorca. Catamarans for rent.

Lagoon 450 in Mallorca. Catamarans for rent.

 Catamarans Are The Future of Charter Vacations. In 2017 the catamaran popularity increased  20% in Balearic islands.

Why the people love Catamarans

The dreams and expectations of every tourist always are very higth. Many of us would like to prove to pass the vacations on board but don’t know to sail and to live on board. First of all we do not want to give up comfortable living. Normally the boats can’t give us all the facilities like a hotel. The catamarans for rent can do it. Lagoon 450, Lagoon 400, Lagoon 380 are the most popular catamarans in Real Yacht Charter company.

Interior space

Lagoon Catamaran for rent offer interiors which offers many opened windows to let the light in. The lounge and cabins are also bright and large. You can find a plenty of space for passengers and children to enjoy their sailing trip one for yourself:

Safe and simple:

Catamarans are very simple to sail, they offer clean and ample space for different activities on board. The galleys have perfect size, you can use a shower without any problem as the design is always focused on functionality.


Comfortable for any sailor:

Each Catamaran for rent boats is well designed so every corner of this sailing vessel guarantee a great social space. They are ideal for groups of passengers and families.