Water Toys for Boats: New Sea Scooter

Water Toys for Boats: New Sea Scooter

Summer is coming and lots of fun at sea! Renting a boat is always very nice, but how to make this day even more funny? All kinds of water toys help us here! Stand up paddle, kayak, wake boards, surf board... And now Sublue Underwater Scooter!


Water Toy for all ages


The Sublue scooter is the first underwater scooter with two motors, which gives it a small size but surprising power and speed. With its removable float the sea scooter allows you to swim and dive safely and have a lot of fun! The underwater scooter adapts to all types and ages: children, athletes and men and women. Children will have fun with the minimum speed, older ones will appreciate the higher speed that will allow them to explore the seabed or simply swim on the surface in a more fun way.


Technical characteristics of the Sea Scooter WhiteShark Mixpro by Sublue


The scooter can go down to a depth of 40 meters, but it is normally used at a depth of about 2 meters. And it's amazing ...

WhiteShark MixPro is the perfect dive buddy. Ultra lightweight yet compact, it can reach up to 4 mph (1.8m / second) and lasts up to 60 minutes on a single charge.

Experience the thrill under water with Sublue's WhiteShark Mixpro available to rent for your Day Charter or to purchase for use on your boat, in the pool or on the beach.


Sea Scooter available for Day Yacht Charter en Mallorca or Buy in Balearic islands with Real Yacht Charter


Unlike seabob that we already know, the new scooter has a much more affordable cost. Depending on the model, the prices are between € 500 and € 1.600 to buy it and about € 50-€ 100 to rent it and enjoy it for a day.

Ask us for more information about Underwater Scooter in the Balearic Islands! This summer you can get it with a launch discount