Speed Boat Hire Mallorca

Looking for Speed Boat Hire in Mallorca? In Real Yacht Charter we offer our selection of Small boats available for Motor Boat Charter in Mallorca with o without skipper. We will be happy to help you to rent small motor boat in Mallorca. If you would like to have a Bigger Yacht please check our Selection of Motor Yachts for Charter in Mallorca.

Speed Boats for rent in Mallorca

For how many hours can I Rent a speed Boat in Mallorca?


Most speed boats in Mallorca can be rented for half a day - 4 hours or for a full day - 8 hours.

  • Full day charter (8h) 10: 00/11: 00 - 18:00/19:00

  • Half day charter (4h) 10: 00-14: 00 or 15:00-19:00

If you have never had had experience with hire motor boat rental in Mallorca and would like to have a help with time calculations or routes please contact with our managers who will be happy to help you.





Can I Rent motor boat in Mallorca without skipper?


Small motor boats in Mallorca can be rented with or without a skipper. If somebody of your group has the appropriate nautical license valid for the motor boat you have chosen, you can hire speed boat in Mallorca without any problem.  

For clients who do not have a nautical license or simply prefer to spend a day without worries, they can hire a professional skipper. Professional skippers in addition to offering you a pleasant and safe navigation during your motor boat charter are the best guides in the sea of ​​Mallorca, they know every corner of the coast with its hidden caves, beautiful coves and beach restaurants. 


In wich Port can I Hire motor boat in Mallorca?


Mallorca is a big island and has 48 ports and marinas. But the majority of the motor boats for hire in Mallorca are situated in the south and west of the island. To our clients we offer motor boats for rent in practically all the ports of Mallorca. The most popular ports for small motor boat charter are:

  • Cala Nova

  • Palma de Mallorca

  • Port Adriano


 Routes for Powerboat Charter in Mallorca


The route for your powerboat charter in Mallorca depends first on the place of boarding. If the boarding is in Palma de Mallorca you can visit the western part of the island with plenty of beach restaurants, beach clubes and beautiful calas:


  • Portals Vells

  • Palmanova

  • Cala Llamp

  • Cala del Mago

  • Andratx

From Palma you can visit also the opposit side of Palma:

  • Cala Blava

  • El Delta

  • Cala Pi

  • Es Trenc