Covid-19: Nautic de-escalation in Balearic Islands

Covid-19: Nautic de-escalation in Balearic Islands

Corona Exit in Mallorca: We Start to Sail!


Having been put on ice along with the rest of the leisure industry, recreational boating is gradually returning from its 50-day hiatus. 
Balearic islands officially entered ‘Phase 1’ 11.05 and, with that, came clarification from the Spanish Ministry of Transport that boat owners T OWNERS AND CHARTER COMPANIES to set their boats free from their moorings and navigate in limited groups - likely a single family or a social unit sharing the same address. This non-commercial cruising will only be sanctioned in local waters, no hardship for Majorca given the exceptional scenery on our doorstep.
‘Phase II’ is presumed to begin on May 25 when owners of boats moored outside of their municipality of residence can also partake in safety and maintenance and, in theory, practical maritime training courses can resume.



Phase 0: Individual navigation as physical activity. Visits to the boats for checks and maintenance in phase 0

Phase 1: Recreational navigation with geographic limits is authorized. Boat rental with limited people on board.

Phase 2: Recreational navigation within the same province. Boat rental for larger groups.

Phase 3: Recreational navigation is allowed without restrictions. You can navigate your own or rental boats without limitations for the number of people or geographical limitations.