Kntamaran mieten

Kntamaran mieten

Catamaran is your choice if you do not want to give up comfort and space even on the sea.
Real Yacht Charter offers you the best catamarans for rent in the Balearic Islands.
Catamarans for rent — this is one of the best choices for yacht charter in the Mediterranean Sea.

The important characteristics of this type of yacht:
— Stability. A catamaran is a stable yacht that has two hulls, which allows it to not move a lot in the sea. Even in bad weather at sea, the catamarans are very stable. Catamaran for rent is the best option from for people with seasickness.Also, it's perfect for families with children.
— Easy to sail. Catamarans in comparison with sailing yachts are much easier and safer to drive. That is why even beginners in yachting can easily manage this type of vessel. However, for a weekly charter, we advise our customers to take a professional skipper. Professional skipper better knows the yacht, the water area and will be responsible for the safety of both the ship and passengers on board, and you will only have to enjoy the yacht charter.
— Draft. Catamarans — this is truly a floating hotel, thanks to its little draft (over a meter), you can go near the beaches and the rocks on the coastline.
— Security. This is probably one of the main advantages of catamarans. That is why they are often chosen by families with small children. On board everything is thought so you can safely move around, there are handrails everywhere. Catamaran due to its size and thoughtful design, even in severe weather can not roll over.

— you will pay more for moorings in the marinas because it occupies two yachts of a place.

— Due to its impressive width, it may be difficult for someone to moor the yacht in the marinas.

— slow speed

Real Yacht Charter is ready to offer you a lot of yachts for your Yacht Charter in Mallorca!